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Hosting and Maintenance

Monthly Plans


Website + Content Marketing

($120/month if paid monthly)


20+ pages of content


Premium plugins


2 blogs monthly


Integrated reviews


Website + Content Marketing

($150/month if paid monthly)


40+ pages of content


Premium plugins


2 blogs monthly


Integrated reviews

How It works

Choose what you need and pay to get started. Once you pay, you will be given a link to schedule your kickoff call. Your new website will be done within 1-4 weeks depending on the setup you choose.

Get two months free when you pay annually upfront.

Step 1

Choose Your Setup

Standard Website

One design call and approximately 4 hours of design time to customize your website. Launch within 5 business days.


Premium Website

Two design calls and approximately 8 hours of design time to customize your website. Launch within 10 business days.


Custom Website

Four design calls and approximately 20 hours of design time to customize your website. Launch within 20 business days.



With all Plans

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

Your hosting directly impacts how fast your website loads and your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how likely you are to be ranked higher in searches. You’re also more likely to be hacked when you’re on a shared server.

WordPress and PHP updates

Our websites are built on the most popular CMS platform in the world, WordPress. WordPress has major updates 2-3 times a year and minor updates regularly. Not updating your site can lead to performance issues and makes it more vulnerable to hackers.

Just like with WordPress updates, updating PHP is essential to having a fast and efficient website and countering hackers.

SSL Certificate

Without an SSL certificate, your site is more vulnerable to hackers and Google is starting to require it on all sites or will have a warning asking if visitors want to continue to a non-secure site scaring away a lot of potential clients before they even get to your website.

Content updates and changes

Your business is always changing so your website should always be updated. Maybe you have a new management agreement or lease uploaded for owners and tenants to download or a new blog you’ve written, we make as many updates and changes as you need included in the monthly charge.

Daily backups

Rarely have we had a website hacked but f it should happen, we just roll you back to a pevious version so that it’s fixed almost instantly!

Smart privacy policy

Every state has different privacy laws which updated regularly. Your website’s privacy policy will aito-update when the state law does making sure you stay compliant.

Phone and email support

You can email us anytime or schedule a call to go over any changes you’d like to have done on your website.